Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy New Year!!

 New Year's Eve Fun!

So there it is.  2012.  Waiting to post for eight months really takes something out of the journaling. 
 :(  But, it was a great year!  This little walk down memory lane reminds me that here were big events and lot's of fun.  We feel very blessed!  Writing this eight months into 2013... It's going to be another great and exciting year!

Phone Dump Part Two

*Hosted our first admin Christmas party
*White hot chocolate... YUM
*The girl just wanted letter people for Christmas!  She loved her music CD and workbook... do you know how much those puppet things are?!?!
*Texting frenzy with Monica and everyone at the farm... Dad felt left out so he used his calculator!
*Camel Packs and Catan Jr. from Monica and Eian - awesome!
*Loving the free time over break!  Lego and Catan EVERY DAY!  (Those are not Cheesy Poofs -that'd be gold Pirate Booty!!)

Phone Dump December - Part One

*Blood Draw time
*Reading groups at school
*Cousin Fun
*Craft Day at Kindergarten
*How a 31 Rep travels now!  The Hubs LOVES it!  ;)

*The New 12 Days of Christmas program practice 
*First Eye exam
*Painting Christmas Pottery...
*JackOLanterns that never were... become snow men!
*Gracie's wish list
*My little helper!

*Bring it Batman - No you bring it Vader!
*Teacher gifts!

More Christmas Break Fun

* We love Legos!
We love xBox!
*We love Remi!
*We love sledding!!

Christmas Break Fun

 Christmas down on the farm
Christmas with the Elliotts!
A great year for sledding!!